20 Jul, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Nigel Gwirikwiti Hopewell Chin’ono Had Hope After The Coup

After the Coup, Hopewell Chin’ono was hopeful. He was very sympathetic to Mr Lipstick and he endorsed him and argued that we needed to give Mr Lipstick a chance . I vehemently disagreed. 

The moment Mr Lipstick moronically said “ 4 +10 =40”, I knew the Republic was screwed . I started to crucify Hopewell on his Facebook posts for endorsing mediocrity. In fact , Hopewell ended up blocking me for intellectually crucifying him and Mr Lipstick . 

It later dawned on Hopewell that Mr Lipstick was intellectually challenged, clueless on the economy and the “ headmaster of corruption “. At that moment he started criticizing Mr Lipstick’s administration. Hopewell unblocked me the moment he realized that Mr Lipstick was a liability for the Republic! We buried the hatchet. It was all water under the bridge. 

Selflessly, Hopewell Chin’ono put his precious life in harm’s way for the sake of the Republic! We need more Hopewells for the survival of the Republic! 

Free our whistleblower, give us back our hope . Free Hopewell and Jacob ! 

Social media is the nemesis of Mr Lipstick! Citizenry’s power is in the streets of social media.

Go thee yonder and give testimony of Mr Lipstick’s satanism to the ends of the earth that all may know the truth . 

The satanic / barbaric abduction of Hopewell Chin’ono has caused pandemonium in the streets of social media. BBC , CNN and all other international media outlets are exposing Mr Lipstick’s satanism! 

For the avoidance of doubt, the streets of social media are powerful! We are witnessing the collapse of a terrorist organization- Zanu PF! 

Spread the news expose Mr Lipstick’s satanism . Let the whole world know the truth !!!

Bring back our voices !! Bring back Hopewell and Jacob ! The least we can do for Hopewell and the next generation is to stand up and spread the news . 

As citizens, we are as serious as a thrombosis on this matter !

Bring back Daddy Hope !

A luta Continua!!!

Daddy Gwiri!


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