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25 Oct, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Nigel Gwirikwiti Sends Powerful Message To Jah Master After He Karate Kicked A Fan

Hello Jah Master, 

I hope this missive finds you drowning in your drunkenness and intellectual laziness . This authorship is on behalf of all civilized , sane and woke citizens. 

I just watched a video you cowardly , moronically , satanically and barbarically assaulted a fan who was on stage while you were singing . I should admit, I have seen a lot of barbarism orchestrated on humanity , but I have never seen satanism at such diabolical proportions. It was a deed without a name . Where do you get the chutzpah to urinate on those who support you ? Such narcissistic disposition is cancerous and pathological to our civilization. 

For the avoidance of doubt, this is a felonious offense that is unforgivable and unforgettable. In a civilized society your career in the music industry must be prematurely aborted . In fact , you have to serve a sentence for such inhumane barbarism . Henceforth, you must be forbidden to do any performance in Zimbabwe . We will involve all stakeholders to make sure you will be forbidden to touch the mic . We are as serious as a thrombosis on this matter. 

There are no extenuating circumstances that you can use as mitigating factors to justify such barbarism. More importantly, an apology will not suffice to erase the disturbing satanism that you have effortlessly exhibited . This was a premeditated exhibition . 

Henceforth we will commence a hashtag #JahMasterMustFall and make sure you will Rest In Peace musically . You are a personification of a devil ! Evidently, you are a bonafide chowderhead, satanist and a misguided imbecile. There is no panacea for your imbecility , immaturity , ignorance and satanism . 

In a nutshell, the phenomenon was outrageously satanic and classless ! 

Wena Voetsek! 

Yours Sane , 

Daddy Gwiri


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staff reporter
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