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04 Sep, 2018 | Posted By: staff reporter
Noria Zimbabwe's Social Media BAE

Noria Mabaso is a beloved Zimbabwean social media personality who many of us have come to love. Noria is a member of many social media groups and contributes by making comments. Like any young lady on social media Noria has made some mistakes but the positive contributions definetly outweigh her mistakes. Zimbolivenews recently did a Q&A with Noria Mabaso and got to know her better. Read the Q&A and  get to see an awesome side of Noria.



Zimbolivenews: Who is noria mabaso...

Noria: I'm a woman who is  an introvert  at heart but an extrovert in spirit.i am  just a  regular girl in her 20s who is still figuring what her purpose in life is and like most young women in their 20s I'm  still learning more about myself as it's new day know what they say Our twenties are about what we plant in the ground, not about what we harvest. We can’t keep pulling our seeds out of the dirt before it has time to grow.

Zimbolivenews: How many are you in your family
Noria: We are four two boys and two girls and I'm the first born

Zimbolivenews: Where were you born?
Noria: I was born in masvingo

Zimbolivenews: What part of masvingo?
Noria: I am  from mwenezi that's where my father originates and my mother is from chegutu...

Zimbolivenews: Where did you grow up?
Noria: even though I was born in masvingo most of my  life I grew up in harare...

Zimbolivenews: What part of harare?
Noria: well my family moved a lot it's a great thing though cause  we have explored and lived in diffrent parts of harare.its one city I will always treasure cause it had plenty of  places to tour and enjoy.

Zimbolivenews: Where did you go to school?
Noria: well for primary school I went to Frank Johnson primary school it's located in harare...I then moved to south africa where I went to a school called international school of south africa where I enrolled in high school

Zimbolivenews: How long did you stay in south africa while enrolled in school there?
Noria: We lived there until me and my siblings finished high  school.

Zimbolivenews: So when you finished high school did you also apply to attend one of the universities in south africa?
Noria: yes I did  but my father got a job offer to go work in america.we had to move as a family and come live in america

Zimbolivenews: What year did you go to america?
Noria: I came in 2012 .this is my 6th year living in United States of america

Zimbolivenews: Are you  enrolled in colledge?
Noria: no actually I graduated   as an image consultant at international  associans of professions career colledge.the  colledge is for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their careers In the fashion industry  and the cullinary  industry.

Zimbolivenews: So you want to work in the fashion industry?
Noria: yes my dream was to start a career as a fashion stylist and make up artist.if you need a make up artist or a  stylist for your weddings or any event  contact me maybe I should set a professional business page where people can look me up.

Zimbolivenews: What's your passion?
Noria: fashion is my passion I live,breath  and eat fashion...

Zimbolivenews: Who is your role model?
Noria: my role model is  tyfanny haddish...for those who don't know her she is an American commedian.that woman inspires me cause she did not get everything handed to her on a silver spoon.she had to work hard to get where she is.she went from being a homeless women to being one of the most successful people in hollywood.i am not saying I want to be a comedian but I'm really empowered with the way she never gave up on herself even though she  faced a lot of trials and tribulations  that could have made her give up on her sucess

Zimbolivenews: What have you leaned from the diaspora that can help improve Zimbabwe?
Noria: I have learned that our country needs to have fair  elections and less violence against innocent citizens who protest against the government when they feel unfairly treated.our country also needs entrepreneurs that can bring a fast amount of money flow in the country so we can encourage the purchasing of domestic products.

Zimbolivenews: Who is your favourite musician?
Noria: my favourite musician is jah prayzah...he still embraces our culture in his music.and has the potential to raise the Zimbabwean flag high

Zimbolivenews: Who is a better musician Oliver mutukudzi or thomas mapfumo?
Noria: wow I struggle to pick one cause they are both very talented individuals who bring a difrent taste of music  of their own way.these are two of the greatest musical legends Zimbabweans need to honor

Zimbolivenews: If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only two words?
Noria: I would say "love yourself"is what I would tell myself.two many young kids these days are influenced by social media and forget to love themsellves.especially the young girls of toflday most if them suffer from insecurity issues cause they strive to look like the models they see in magazines and instagram. not knowing God created them perfect as they are.

Zimbolivenews: What is something someone said that forever changed your way of thinking?
Noria: My father always taught me That "there are people who only come into your life when it's beneficial to them they leave as soon as they no longer receive those benefits.that statement is true there are some people that only come into your life when you are successful or established but as soon as you start struggling they abandon you.

Zimbolivenews: What can you say is your biggest weakness or insecurity that you had growing up?
Noria: Well growing up I felt insecure about my looks and how I portrayed myself to the public I also struggled to make friends cause I was very shy.let me say the teenage phase was the hardest cause I struggled to fit in with other kids cause I felt I didn't look.a certain way which was acceptable for them to accept me in their circle of friends.

Zimbolivenews: What stereotype do you break?
Noria: That women can't fix stuff themselves without the help of a man.i rely on myself when it comes to.a broken light or a bust pipe lol no need to ask for help from a man haha

Zimbolivenews: Whats a common misconception people have about you?
Noria: That I am less companissionate and I seem not to care what people around me say about me.well news flash I care and I am that person who just prefers living in an environment where there is peace and tranquility and less fighting

Zimbolivenews: What motivates you?
Noria: Everyone around me from close family to relatives and friends motivate me.anyone who is very passionate about the work they do motivates me.

Zimbolivenews: Does Gender Matter?
Noria: No women and men are equal in their own unique ways

Zimbolivenews: Whats your greatest fear?
Noria: My greatest fear is being let down by a friend or family member.people I value the most in life.i fear not being able achieve all my dreams and only discovering my hidden talent when it's too maybe I discover my talent at a very old age.i fear that a lot

Zimbolivenews: What do you value most in life?
Noria: Peace I value peace and prosperity


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