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NYAMATSATSE YADZIMA A Poem For Prince Musarurwa By Bennedict Shingirai Mwachirimba


By Bennedict Shingirai Mwachirimba.......

(c) All rights reserved

 Just like a flower in manicured gardens 
Petals fall in due season, only the remains
The bright and elegant illumination all gone
Roses and lilies all have their due seasons
But flowers have to wither before they die
Why has this one fallen before withering?

My mind is clustered with questions of Science?
Why do feeble humans expire before the due date on the neck of their bottles,
Without even a pinch of adulteration we just expire?
In this abundance, mother nature why do you eat your own?

Nyamatsatse watirwadza
You were the morning star of our culture
Shining so bright in our colours even in darkness.
You were not ashamed of our flag
Our ancient instruments you brought to life
You revolutionised our local dance vibes
Your music will stay forever.

We are left awestruck and voiceless
With more questions than answers 

Who will teach us love now?
Who will make a debut hit song again?
Your place will never be filled

Nyamatsatse yadzima
Waenda usina kuwoneka
Famba zvanaka Prince

Till we meet again soldier...😭😭😭😭😭

(c) Ben Oslo


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