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Olinda & Tytan Closer To Getting Back Together Ngatishinge

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15 Nov, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Olinda & Tytan Closer To Getting Back Together Ngatishinge

Great news maybe on the horizon as Tytan & Olinda Chapel have both stopped posting on social media. Tytan has deleted all his Instagram posts and Facebook. Olinda Chapel has also done the same she has deleted all her instagram posts and deactivated her Facebook account.

Olinda Chapel has been using her Facebook & Instagram accounts to promote her hair and beauty products which have been very popular with her fans. Closing her Facebook and Instagram accounts will affect sales as she can’t market her business.

Tytan has also been using his Instagram account and Facebook account to promote his music and events. Tytan who also has a business which promotes brands and builds websites and other marketing products. 

With these two love birds closing thier social media accounts at the same time is no coincidence. A very close source to both Olinda Chapel  & Tytan SkhoSkho has confirmed that Olinda & Tytan we’re together having dinner Tuesday evening.

According to our sources (In Gambakwe Voice) the couple is seriously working on getting back together. Tytan apparently has learned the hard way that “Kusina Mai Hakuendwe” leaving in England is tough without a strong financial backing especially trying to do music.  People that Tytan has been staying with we’re starting to get tired of looking after a grown man.

Olinda Chapel was feeling the pain of raising a baby and her younger boy by herself . Our source told us that the two have been talking to church leaders and family members who managed to convince Olinda Chapel that she needed to get away from social media and not make her life public.

Olinda Chapel agreed and Tytan told her that he would stay away from social media as well.

Our source also told us the fact that they had a child together made it possible for this reunion to work. 

We are happy  for Olinda Chapel & Tytan SkhoSkho. We will update you with more information on this story 


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