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16 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Olinda Chapel & Mai TT Meet For Cocktails Zvinofadza

Mai TT who is touring the UK for a string of shows has met up with Olinda Chapel who is one of Zimbabweas top celebrities. Mai TT and Olinda Chapel have had a strained relationship in the past but looks like the two have mended bridges and are now friends. 

Olinda Chapel and Mai TT are both HIV positive and have become strong advocates for people living with HIV. Having these two super powers come together is a great thing for the Zimbabwean community as a lot of positive can come in terms of charity and advocacy since these two women are strong players in uniting Zimbabweans.

Another common thing these thw ladies have is that both were in relationships with men who were young than them and both were played by their ben 10's. Olinda Chapel was married to Tytan Visa who ended up exposing Olindas HIV status so he could get a VISA to stay in the UK. Mai TT was dating Zizoe who is a musician and was part of Mai TT's UK tour. As soon as Zizoe got to the UK Mai TT dumped him after she caught him with another woman who was repoted to be closer to his age.

Mai TT & Olinda have not always go along ever since Madam Boss was invited to Olindas wedding with TYtan and she was not invited. Mai TT does not get along with Madam Boss so this brought strain to her relationship Olinda. The two had been posting videos on social media throwing shade at each other. With this reunion only good things can come. this is a developing story we will update you if anything comes from Mai TT & Olinda uniting.


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