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Olinda Chapel Aida Kupaza Face Ya Linda Rose PH Admin

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26 Nov, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 3 minutes

Olinda Chapel Aida Kupaza Face Ya Linda Rose PH Admin

Looks like Olinda Chapel caused a scene in Turkey that has left a sour mouth in all the cast members of Keeping Up With real holiday pals.  Reports coming from our insider are that Olinda Chapel went in a rage and told everyone 

"Mese muri kuno because of zita rangu I made you all famous " . All the Zimbabweans filming Holiday Pals are furious with Olinda that they don't want to associate with her at all. The situation is now very awkward since Olinda Chapel was traveling with Aunty Jenny & Uncle Ged.

Faith Domingo Nechironga is really good friends with Aunty Jenny and Uncle Ged but they can't be close to other cast members of Holiday pals is Olinda Chapel is present. Olinda Chapel and Aunty Jenny have now resorted to doing their own thing and avoiding the Zimbabwean crew filming. 
Kefliwe & Ashford did a live and  expressed thier feeling about Olinda Chapel.

"Anozviita kunge she is better than everyone else , anofinga kuti anoshamisira. Apa anehuchapa mafuta or deodorant inoramba kugara pamuviri wake.

Faith Domingo Nechironga was furious with Olinda Chapel behavior she posted this on her Facebook.

Olinda Chapel involved in a heat-up confrontation in Turkey . Olinda Chapel who quit social media recently was back on Facebook today to confirm that she flew into a rage and confronted one of the social media administrators who had been tormenting her

She said that when she realised that the keyboard warrior was in front of her, a red mist descended and she was ready for a fistfight. But Olinda said she was held back by her friends who told her that fighting was unbecoming of her. She joked that she was only itching for a fight because she knew her friends would hold her back.

Olinda said she was in Turkey for a holiday with her daughter and friends and was not involved in any reality show. She also denied that she was angling for a love affair with one Ashford. She said she was into musicians and not social media administrators. Rumours started when she was seen flirting with Ashford.

Olinda was asked if was romantically involved with a bar owner in the UK. She said she could neither deny or confirm the rumour.

related news on  Olinda

THE marriage between musician Tytan Skhokho and his socialite wife Olinda Chapel has collapsed, amid  reports of irreparable differences.

Tytan, born Njabulo Nkomo, took to social media to announce the end of their union, saying he has had enough of abuse at the hands of Olinda (35).

The 29-year-old United Kingdom-based singer also revealed that he has since approached the police and is pursuing the legal route to end their union.


“Our relationship has sadly ended due to a catalogue of events that took place in July 2019.
“I will be able to fully talk about the details of the reason why our relationship ended after the completion of police investigations and various legal proceedings.

“I am receiving support from a legal team and domestic abuse services. I would kindly ask my family, friends and the public to bear with me as l go through a very challenging and trying season in my life,” posted Tytan on social media.

Olinda also took to social media to comment on their matrimonial problems, claiming that Tytan used to abuse her. She alleges that her husband had an affair with her friend behind her back.

“Tytan wants to play the victim here yet he is the one who has been abusing me and I was quiet about it for a long time.
“He has been cheating on me with various girlfriends, yet he rushes to the police with false claims so that he won’t have his visa terminated because he got it by marrying me.

“If we were to break up, l think it was better to do it in a better way considering the fact that we have a child together and she is only three months-old. “What kind of a father are you proving to be to this little girl?” she wrote. Olinda went live on Facebook declaring that she still loves her Tytan despite all the mishaps.

Olinda was once married to another musician, Stunner, and their relationship ended following a series of infidelity accusations. The termination of their relationship also went viral on social media.

Olinda and Tytan tied the knot last year and welcomed their baby girl named Nandi early this year.



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