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23 Sep, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Olinda Chapel Back In The Middle Of Stunners Story Says Baba Vaamaikoko Varikutsvaga Dziva

Olinda Chapel Back In The Middle Of Stunners Story again , Says Baba Vaamaikoko Varikutsvaga Dziva. Olinda Chapel posted photos from a conversation she had with amaikoko fathers who is mad and looking for Stunner.

Each time Stunner get in the press for good or bad ex wife Olinda somehow will end up in the middle of the Story. The same thing happed when Olinda gets in a story Stunner will somehow end up in the middle. Some have speculated that the former husband and wife have unsettled issues and they is why they have been fighting for so long.

Stunner did an Instagram live and amakoko joined his live and was dancing musvo in the shower. Stunner instead of stopping the live encouraged her to dance and cheered her on. May fans were in shock and stunner ended up apologizing for the behavior. See what Olinda Chapel posted below.

Just 2 weeks after @Olinda.chapel sent lawyers to @Stunnerzim 's house for finally breaking silence and deciding to reply to her insults, Olinda is back again mentioning the man and calling him names. Can this woman please tell us what she needs from Stunner ? Clearly she claims to have it all from the money to the happiness. We thought the lawyer move was the nail to the coffin but it's you who has breached Olinda , again



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