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Celeb News

08 Aug, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Olinda Chapel Begging Tytan To Come Back

Olinda Chapel loves Tytan so much that she is swallowing her pride and begging her husband Tytan back home. She just posted on Instagram reminiscing how she feels for the Ndokubata Bho hitmaker.

Zimbabwe is eagerly waiting for Tytans live  interview on his marriage situation. Word on the streets of UK is that Simba from Zimeye & Ruvheneko are bidding to get the Tytan Interview. Tytan has received offers of up to one thousand pounds for this exclusive interview.

Olinda & Tytan forgive & forget each other, Tytan you will miss driving that Benz go back home to Olinda Zimbabwe maone are sentiments from millions of Zimbabweans following this story.


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