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30 Apr, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Olinda Chapel Clapback To Shadaya Knight Wadenha Wrong Person Face Ine Confusion

Olinda chapel is responding to Shadaya Knight bY saying he has been boiling like a pot full of water. But Olinda claims when she saw his photo she nearly fell from laughing because she thought he was a huge man. But after looking at his photo he lokks like a hwiza a grasshoper. Face yaShadaya ane face ine confusion said Olinda Chapel.

Olinda said his jean sizes are the same as her young son Jayden. Olinda claims he is the same size as a hose pipe. Olinda could not help herself from laughing as she said this little man is the one who had been barking ad women like her.
Shadaya anondivengera mafuta angu said Olinda. 

Olinda told Shadaya these are Instagram streets and not twitter, Instagram is for rich people who can take care of themselves. Shadaya has been fighting with a number of zimbabwean woman including Madam Boss, Mis Red, Olinda Chapel , Pokello to mention but a few . We will see if Shadaya will respond To Olinda Chapels Clapback


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