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05 Sep, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Olinda Chapel Fans Write Letter Exposing Hiroyi & Hutsinye HwaStunner



It’s a year plus post break up. Yes he dumped you and yes you wanted him back at some point. And he knew this. But he did all he could to break your heart and even acknowledges the pain he inflicted by bragging “ndiri chironda chisingaperi” 🤦🏻‍♀️. But you picked yourself up and you did the most unthinkable thing. You survived ! Now this is when the bitterness and the resentment starts. You are meant to be that woman that can’t live without him. You are that woman that he tells everyone she still wants him back. So here you are sis flowing differently and  he is someone you think of here and there. You are getting that degree, you are getting the promotion, you are going on holiday and sis you even changed the way you dress. You are more confident in yourself and you seem happier . . . . WITHOUT HIM. Now that hurts. You can’t be happy without him. NOOOO ! You can’t glow like that without him. And you can’t be progressing so well in life without him. So he reacts! He starts gas lighting you. Sending insults towards your way, calling you names etc. Because you are meant to be doing lives crying for him. But sis, you are way past that and he is just trying so hard to bring you back. Only because what was meant to kill you made you stronger. You are doing so well without him and it hurts him so badly to watch you grow as a person, to watching you winning in every aspect of your life. So he wants to break you mentally 🤣 I know he is a clown. You know how these men are like. You can’t be winning when he isn’t. So he will do all he possibly can to break you. But only now you are equipped with your self assurance. You are no longer that little person that was in love with him. You are woman armed with goals. 

Be careful of these gas lighters and their need to break you. 

Sis you won and you have been winning. Now that’s fuckin him up badly ! 

Stay that way. 


Success will always be the best revenge ✌️


staff reporter
staff reporter
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