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01 Sep, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
OneHouse Zimbabwe A Victim Of Covid-19 Teemak & Mrstyllz No Longer In Zimbabwe

Teemak & Mrstyllz Left Zimbabwe Will OneHouse Ever Happen many Zimbabweans have been asking for months.

Six months ago OneHouse Zimbabwe was the talk of Zimbabwe Social Media. Teemak , Mrstyllz & Living Legend DJTowers we’re planing to do something that had never been done by any Zimbabweans.  The trio was going to produce a Zimbabwean version of Big Brother. With a $50000 USD prize for the winner.

Teemak & Mrstyllz were the money guys and brains behind this amazing show. DJTowers was the marketing guy with his many connections to some of the top celebrities in Zimbabwe. Many Celebrities including Queen Tatelicious , Olinda Chapel , Zuva Habane , Madam Boss & Stunner were some of the celebrities mentioned to have some part in OneHouse Zimbabwe and its production .

Everything took a left turn when Covid-19 arrived and businesses and the world as we know it changed and has not recovered from this pandemic. Covid-19 also made OneHouse Zimbabwe it’s victim by postponing the show and eventually the guys behind this production ended up leaving the country.  With Teemak and Mrstyllz gone all hope for OneHouse Zimbabwe are now a fantasy.

Teemak who is a very successful Forex trader  and with the world economy down his financial status and cash flow was also affected by covid.

Mrstyllz recently left Zimbabwe and is now based in Turkey. Mrstyllz and  the shows main marketing promoter DJTowers had a falling out which continues on social media as the 2 former friends  insult each other on Instagram. 

The website for the reality show is still up and running but no updates have been done to the site in months . 

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A few months ago we reported that businessman and promoter TeeMak was set to announce a new reality tv show called ‘One House’ Zimbabwe’s own version of Big Brother, well the announcement came and went, and i guess with global events  we seemed to have forgotten about this.

Prize money stands at US$50 000, that’s a lot of coins.

But TeeMak through his social media has just announced that they are now applications for One House housemates, judging from the information on their website there are only 8 slots available we stand to be corrected.

Dates for application deadlines are yet to be announced.

How to Apply

To apply, simply visit the One House website here, click the Apply button on the main menu then fill the application.

Do you think you have what it takes to win ONE HOUSE? 

Are you a BIG personality with STRONG opinions? 

Are you competitive and willing to fight for what you believe in? 

Are you 21 years or older? 

If you can answer YES to the above then we want YOU!



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