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14 Jan, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Oscar Pambuka Open Letter To Zimbabwe

Prophet Oscar Pambuka has written a letter to Zimbabwe sharing his thoughts and opinions on the current environment and situation in Zimbabwe its a heart warming letter a must read for every Zimbabwean. Read the Letter below.

Greetings to you all. This message is to my fellow Zimbabweans.
Well guess what guys i am disappointed. When i was growing up shortly after independence i would be bombarded on the radio and television with the vociferous voice of Joseph Madhimba, narrating the deplorable genocide which was happening in Rwanda. This genocide affected millions and the entire nation was brought to a halt. It was indeed catastrophic and made many hearts bleed in agony.
Now years later, the entire economy and nation of Rwanda has miraculously developed to an extent that these guys are now producing electric motorbikes just to mention this as an example.
In fact, Rwanda today is becoming the Singapore of Africa.
Back home, Zimbabwe is not at war with any nation but with all the resources we boast of, we are faiing to produce even a tooth pick imagine.
We are now importing food imagine to feed ourselves with reports of mealie meal shortages always irritating the ear.
Guys we need to be serious and ragain our position as an African jewel and not monument.
We spend time acting instead of doing. We spend time politicking instead of serving, which is critical. We spend time planning horror instead of order. We spend time lying to each other instead of calling a spade a spade.
We grow tobacco but we cannot process it fully, we have a large deposit of minerals but we do not beneficiate, we have abundant sunlight in Zim but we mourn of darkness, we have beautiful flowers all over but we cannot sell them. In fact the mining sector itself can make us a powerhouse in the region and the entire world but guess what we wallop in poverty. We are educated but we lack wisdom to prosper.
We are in love with power and positions but fail to lead.
All that is required to prosper is unity of purpose and not division as we are used to.
Come on guys lets be serious otherwise we will become the poorest nation in the world.
No retreat no surrender.


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