01 Apr, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Party Divided Mashonaland West Province Sides With Chamisa

Kudakwashe Mandishona
D/Provincial Spokesperson

RE: Of the nullity disguised as a ruling by the captured courts.

Revolutionary greetings cdes!

This afternoon the Captured Supreme Court delivered a judgment which in their skewed and captured minds is supposed to be momentous and therefore changing leadership of the people’s party. This ruling is an empty thunder.

Political leaders by their nature are never given their mandate by the courts whether captured or free. Our courts being captured by the murderous Zanu pf regime can only do their masters bidding.

The judgment in itself is a nullity and a legal nuisance! The timing of the judgment delivery itself speaks of a court that does not represent their own findings. That the courts chose to deliver the judgment during a national crisis shows their lack of integrity.

The national lockdown entails that everything that may cause conflict in the citizenry is suspended! Common sense tells us that political judgements or activities are volatile in their nature and as such, this judgement should have waited at least until after the lockdown.

The Movement for Democratic Change remain unfazed by this nullity and such, the Mashwest Province, CCCs BECs and all and sundry are unequivocally behind the able leadership of his excellence the President Advocate Nelson Chamisa and his leadership as elected at congress 2019!

Mashwest Province remains clear that the only legitimate leader of Zimbabwe and indeed the party is Baba Nelson Chamisa!

We condemn the political ruling as delivered by the captured courts and dismiss it with the contempt it deserves! The courts are trying to muffle and suffocate the voice of the masses. But as usual, the people wins!

Mashwest province remains steadfast behind President Nelson Chamisa and his entire leadership!

Aluta Continua! Together, Bigger, Better!


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