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29 Dec, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Passion Java A Blessing For Zimbabweans

Passion Java Is A Greet Prophet & Blessed With Great Wealth 

Passion Java has come up so fast and has changed the norm of what and how a man of God should act and are pictured. With his rise many are jelous and not happy with his style and way of preaching. 

Passion Java is trying to attract the youth who admire the musicians and athletes who wear fancy clothes and drive nice cars.

According to Passion Java if The youth see Prophets who wear oversized suites and have white rings on their mouth  the youth won’t be attracted to God.

Passion Java believes with him wearing nice clothes and having nice clothes people and the youth will envy him and make them know that God is cool and will provide for you.

Passion Java is a successful businessman on top of being a prophet. Passion Java owns a trucking company and also is a fashion designer. Passion Java has a record label in the USA and Zimbabwe. Together with his wife Lily Java they are a successful and wealthy couple .

Passion Java and his wife own multiple luxury cars and don’t rent as claimed by jelous media and other prophets who don’t like how the man of God operates. The Java family owns multiple buildings in the USA and in Africa they own a beautiful home in Maryland worth over 5 million dollars. They own luxury homes in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Prophet Passion Java has written books on prophecy’s and all have come true.  The book is called I already told you. You can buy the book on Passion Java’s website and on Amazon.  Passion Java has changed the lives of many Zimbabweans including Madam Boss who he bought a car and the lives of Chillspot family who he has bought cars and promoted thier careers. Passion Java is is blessing for Zimbabwe 



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