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17 Nov, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Passion Java Says He Is Inspired By Pokello & Didn’t Insult Her With H Word

The Gaffa Prophet Passion Java is setting the record straight with the Pokello incident. Reports were that Pokello did not want Passion Java at Ginimbi's funeral and was caught on camera trash talking the man of God. Passion Java posted a day letter a message many believe was aimed at Pokello.. Passion Java just posted the following message about his respect for Pokello .

I have seen YouTubers trying to come between me and #pokello but let me let Zimbabwe know, ndoto inspaiwa na Pokello and I respect her so much! I always try to do what is right not what is easy! I have nothing against the Queen of swag. #blessings

The post which had everyone talking that the man of God had Clapbacked at Pokello is below 

A village boy who grew up watching Falcon Crest and Dynasty. Your hunger was a different kind of hunger. You defied all odds. Without Education, without ‘textbook’ looks, without a handout. Started selling phones in town, soon met a man who traded in Gas and saw an opportunity. It’s from being his middleman that you learnt the ropes of the Trade to become the King of the South. 

I think about your life from when we became friends 15 years ago. What did you not achieve? By age 22, you owned a Range Rover and rented a 4 bedroom house in Greystone Park. By 25, you had bought a house in
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When I see you again.
I would tell you that I cried for 24 hrs till my heart bled out. I know you would laugh and say ‘Poki haupenge here?’
I would tell you, you hit Rockstar status and trended World-wide. 
I would tell you, your fame Skyrocketed in a matter of hours.
All across the world it was ‘Ginimbi’. You loved the limelight and it reciprocated.


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