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23 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Passion Java Stuck In Cape Town SA Denied American Because Of Travel Ban

Passion Java stuck in Cape Town SA as he is denied an American VISA. Reports we are receiving are that the self-proclaimed man of God is stuck in Cape Town. The Prophet who has built quite a reputation for his many antics posted a video in which he liberally dishes out bedroom advice saying that he wants all couples to be happy.

The prophet postulates that happiness starts in the bedroom on the marital bed and both men and women must ensure that they do their respective roles well in this regard.  According to the prophet, ladies should make sure that they have their privates pulled ( elongation of l@b!a minora) to ensure that they can please their partners in bed.

The prophet went as far as saying that women should attend “Chinamwari/Chinamwali” classes at the very least. Failing to do that they, should get their maternal aunts (vana tete) to pull their privates to ensure that they are a good size.

But in the latest move that has gone on the wrong side for him, the Man of God is stranded in South Africa right now. Rumours are that the man of God is now stuck in South Africa [Cape Town] following the reports that he contracted the coronavirus, Java has since been denied entrance in the United States.


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