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Peter Dewa Moyo Prince Of Sungura Music

Peter Moyo who is affectionately known as the Young Igwe is the son of the legendary Sungura musician Tongai Moyo. Peter Moyo who took over the reigns of Utakataka Express after the death of his father in 2011.

Over the last few years Peter Dewa Moyo has established himself as one of the top Musicians in Zimbabwe. Besides being a successful musician the young Igwe is an entrepreneurs  and successful businessman.You can follow Peter Dewa Moyo on his facebook page


Who is Peter Dewa Moyo?
PeterDewa: Peter Moyo was born on the 18th of August 1989, first born in a family of 6 , 3 boys and 3 girls

Where were you born and where did you grow up?
PeterDewa: Was born in Kwekwe and I grew up staying with my granny, my mother's mom

How Long Have you been in the Music Industry and how did you get started?
PeterDewa: It's been 7 years now started soon after my Dad died, I was a professional footballer and my Dad asked me to carry on coz that was his wish though  it was not my dream . We had this talk 5 days before he died coz his health  was so bad panguva yacho so had to do it

Zimbolivenews: What make you such a successful Artist?
PeterDewa: Well I can't say um a successful artist but I have a good share of fans in the industry and they make my life look great coz they support me they attend my shows in numbers.

Zimbolivenews: How Do you feel about the Zimbabwean Music Industry?
PeterDewa: Zim Music Industry to me now it's so bad not all artist are managing to survive , piracy has killed the industry and it's so unfortunate that we can't do anything but to work with what is there

Zimbolivenews: Who is your role model?
PeterDewa: Role Model was my Dad he was a man and half , I love his music an now um so addicted to it and it's helping me to create mine .

Zimbolivenews: Whats your Passion?
PeterDewa: Passion , well I love soccer and I wish to play for Dynamos

Zimbolivenews: What do you think about Zimdancehall?
PeterDewa: Zimdance it's another music I love it especially Soul Jah Love his music is great

Zimbolivenews: What advise  would you give to the youth?
PeterDewa: Advise to the youths who wants to become musician is that they should not think that everything happens over the night , they should be prepared to work for it and it's so painful. Most of the youths vanongoita 1 or 2 album and they quit coz zvavanenge vachifungira hazvisi zvinobuda

Zimbolivenews: Which Is a better FB group Mandla's Lounge or Mvenge Mvenge?
PeterDewa: Mandla and Mvenge Mvenge to me they kind look the same coz of the character of people who are there dispite kuti zvinoitika of those groups zvinhu zvakasiyana. Mvenge Mvenge is more like a social which tackles all sorts of hot stories and some are crazy and on Mandla vanhu varipo they are kind supportive they give constructive criticism which builds a person if you clever enough but I see most artist vanoita ma feelings of Facebook

Zimbolivenews: Who is your Favorite Zimbabwean Music Artist?
PeterDewa: My fev artist in Zim is Leonard Dembo eish his music is something else ........ also my Dad I love his music and now i listen to  Soul Jah Love and Baba Harare

Zimbolivenews: Are you married, Single, Dating?
PeterDewa: Well um not married but not single ndine mwana wevaridzi wandikudanane naye zvangu

Zimbolivenews: Which Zimbabwean female Celebrity do you have a crush on
PeterDewa: Zim Celeb I have a crush on mmmmmmmm Cindy Munyavi shiz jus cool and cute

Zimbolivenews: Whats something you would like all your fans to know about you?
PeterDewa: Want my fans to know that I will keep giving them the best of me all the time and I promise to give them music that teaches and heal their souls ........ in that Sungura way


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