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Celeb News

26 Jun, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Photo Of The Week Olinda Chapel & Tytans Beautiful Daughter Growing Very Well

Pic of the day: Tytan and Olinda’s baby Nandi growing very well. Mai Nandi is doing a great job in terms of taking care of the baby whom she had with former hubby Tytan. Olinda Chapel aka OC is doing a great job, Nandi is growing ver weel.

Even her Olinda is looking spontaneous her lates pictures are goals. She is treating herself well. She recently bought a Range Rover for herself. The drama queen/socialite and businesswoman is at it again only this time in the good news. We all know that she also like to help others. She posted videos spoiling herself with her latest gift anew 2017 brand new Range Rover.

She is treating herself and the baby well, despite all the dramas that she pulls and all that social media havoc she causes back home she is doing a fantastic job Well done mummy for a great job.


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