17 Oct, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Pokello & Chamisa Grindo Backlash

Clearly, some people are ungrateful. Instead of acknowledging and welcoming the thoughtfulness and selflessness epitomized by Chamisa and Pokello towards Gringo; they are crucifying them .

On humanitarian grounds and more importantly selflessly Pokello paid for Gringo’s medical expenses . Such a philanthropical gesture, especially under the economic disequilibrium, we are experiencing is unbelievably outstanding . Notwithstanding the fact that Pokello donated in outmost good faith; she is being mercilessly crucified. In the streets of social media, they are saying she executed this stunts for fame.

President Chamisa also sacrificed and paid visit to Gringo . Notwithstanding the fact that his schedule is tight , he did it anyways. Clearly, Gringo was touched and comforted by this ceremonious visit . In the streets of social media, Chamisa is now being intellectually crucified. Moronically , they are saying Chamisa executed this stunts for political mileage !

Clearly, such nincompoopery, tomfoolery and buffoonery is unforgettable and unforgivable. How is it possible that people can conceptualize through such a prism polluted with both intellectual laziness and tomfoolery?

Where do these people get the chutzpah to spew such toxicity?

Pokello and President Chamisa, you personified thoughtfulness and selflessness!The juxtaposition of Chamisa’s and Pokello’s thoughtfulness is a virtue not a vice !


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