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Pokello The Good Samaritan Pays $18000 For Gringo's Appendix Surgery

There are rumors that businesswoman Pokello Nare may have paid actor Lazarus Boora known as Gringo’s surgery bill. Yesterday Gringo’s family appealed to the public through social media influencer Jackie Ngarande asking for RTGs18 000 in order for Gringo to have surgery.

Jackie gave a shout-out to Pokello on social media thanking her for saving someone in need, prompting many to think that she had contributed to Gringo’s bill.

The actor was taken in sick on Tuesday due to complications with his appendix.
Pokello posted this after the payment 

"My friend has a heart made of gold,The most generous person I know,She made a huge difference for someone in need God bless you Pokello’s Addicted 2 Shoes"

others are reporting
Queen of Swagger Pokello Nare pays Gringo’s $18 000 surgery fee. Pokello Nare never ceases to amaze us, she definitely has a heart of gold.No wonder she is a successful woman because when you give, God gives it back to you tenfolds.
This week we woke up to sad news that our very own Gringo, Lazarus Boora was seriously ill with an appendix rapture and needed about ZWL $18 000 for the operation. We saw celebrities such as Jackie Ngarande and Lorraine Guyo posting to their thousands of fans to help raise funds for the medical procedure.

Pokello Nare, the addicted to shoe boss is one of the people who were touched by the situation. Queen Of Swagga decided to pay all the money for the surgery. Lazarus Boora rose to fame in the late 1990s with his comedy-drama series called Gringo on the national broadcaster ZBCtv.
His comedy holds so many memories for a lot of Zimbabweans. Lazarus underwent the surgery for the appendix rapture yesterday at Citimed Hospital in Chitungwiza. We wish and pray that he gets well soon. Popular actor Lazarus Boora who rose to fame in the Gringo drama series is seriously ill and is set to undergo a surgery at a Harare hospital this afternoon. His sister Linda Boora said Lazarus had an appendix rapture.

Report On Gringo Surgery
Popular actor Lazarus Boora yesterday underwent surgery for an appendix rupture at CitiMed Hospital in Chitungwiza. The actor, who rose to fame following his hilarious role as Gringo in the yesteryear local drama series “Gringo” was admitted to hospital last Thursday due to the life-threatening illness. Gringo’s sister, Linda Boora, told The Herald Arts and Culture yesterday at around 5pm that they were yet to ascertain his condition as the actor was still undergoing the surgery.
“My brother was first diagnosed with tesnel obstruction, but after having some scans, a specialist indicated that he might have ruptured his appendix.

“The appendix rupture caused his intestines to swell,” she said.

Appendix rupture is a life-threatening condition which requires immediate surgery to remove and clean the abdominal cavity.Linda said Gringo had been suffering from abdominal problems they suspected to be stomach ulcers for a long-time.

She also suspected that the stomach problems Gringo had been experiencing for long time were linked to the current health problems he was diagnosed with.

“He has been in a lot of pain that left him bedridden since Thursday last week. We are praying for the surgery to go well,” she said.

Linda has appealed for well-wishers to assist Gringo in paying his medical expenses.

“We have covered most of the expenses except for payments of the surgeon.

“His sickness is something that came at a time when things were not well financially.

“We were not expecting him to undergo surgery and we are appealing to well-wishers to assist in any form, so that my brother can fully recover and settle the medical expenses,” she said.

The award-winning actor hogged the limelight in 1997 when he featured on Enock Chihombori’s drama series “Gringo” that rocked the local television station ZBCTV.

The success of the series led to similar projects “Gringo Ndiani”, “Gringo Mari Iripi” and subsequently a movie “Gringo the Troublemaker”.

He also acted as Gibbo in the film “Village Secrets”, which was being screened on ZBCTV.


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