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30 Jul, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Political Rwaivhi Acie Lumumba Encourages Zimbabweans To Stay Home & Not Protest 31 July Ini Hangu Ndirikugara Kumba

Acie Lumumba who is now know as a political chameleon seems to be telling people that the July 31 protests are dangerous and people should stay home. Acie lumumba posted on his Twitter account telling popoe he would stay home and not protest in the streets. Acie Lumumba has a huge following on social media so his message reaches many Zimbaabweans Acie posted the following on his Twitter account.

"I’m sure you all heard a story about how hard it was getting into town today kana usina tsamba. Mangwana vanoverenga matsamba vanenge vasipo, panenge pane vamwe vacho vanowanzongo tarisa. Inini hangu ndukufunga kuti kugara kumba kwakanaka sterek"

Lumumba last week posted about Hopewell Chin'no teeling him that akafurirwa by social media fans . see his post below.

"Hopewell is getting a reality shock that online he has an army of supporters but not even closest friends will visit in prison. After many arrests under Mugabe regime I learnt never to be fooled by morari wepamasaisai, you sleep on cold cement wega and people move on.Unopfurirwa!" 
Acie Lumumba is no stranger to getting arrested for speaking out against the government he was arrested for insulting for president Robert Mugabe.

Acie Lumumba Comments On Hopewell Chin’ono You Sleep On Cold Cement Wega Usapfurirwa
Acie Lumumba has commented about the arrest of journalist Hopewell Chin'ono. Acie made comments which went viral after he said Hopewell Chin'ono did  not have real support from fans and friends who won't eve visit him while he is locked up Acie hunter that's online support is different from real support on the ground.Acie Lumumba posted the following message.

Zimbabwean police say they have already prepared a docket for Acie Lumumba, who dropped an f-word on President Robert Mugabe when he officially launched his Viva Zimbabwe party last week.

According to the privately-owned Standard newspaper, family members of the leader of the newly formed party suspect that he was allegedly abducted by state security agents on the same day he dropped the f-word on Mr. Mugabe

Lumumba blamed the 92 year-old Zimbabwean leader for all the social and economic problems, which are currently bedeviling the nation.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba dismissed reports that Lumumba was arrested last Thursday, noting that, in fact, they are looking for him as police have already opened a docket, to charge him for insulting the president.

Charamba said Lumumba should surrender to the police to face charges of insulting the president. But some family members and close party colleagues allege that Lumumba, a former Zanu PF activist, has been abducted by state security agents.

Charamba said Lumumba undermined the authority of the president when he dropped the f-word on Mr. Mugabe in contravention of Section 33 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23.
In this section, anyone can be punished for making a “statement in a public place or any place to which the public or any section of the public have access and publishing it in any printed or electronic medium for reception by the public; ‘statement’ includes any act or gesture.

“Any person who publicly, unlawfully and intentionally— (a) makes any statement about or concerning the President or an acting President with the knowledge or realising that there is a real risk or possibility that the statement is false and that it may— (i) engender feelings of hostility towards; or - 33 - (ii) cause hatred, contempt or ridicule of; the President or an acting President, whether in person or in respect of the President’s office; or (b) makes any abusive, indecent or obscene statement about or concerning the President or an acting President, whether in respect of the President personally or the President’s office; shall be guilty of undermining the authority of or insulting the President and liable to a fine not exceeding level six or imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or both.”


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