Prayer For Mvenge Mvenge #Ezomgidho


22 Aug, 2018   |   Posted By: Gemma Revis   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Prayer For Mvenge Mvenge #Ezomgidho

Today i came with a message of love and peace. Many of you have come to love zimbolivenews and we thank you for the support. With God, everything is possible. Last night i had a conversation with the annointed Prophet Magaya and his message touched me. 
Today I my article is a prayer to MvengeMvenge, many of you know the history between Gemma and the Admins of MvengeMvenge. I have no ill will or personal vendetas against any of thier admins. 

My prayer For MvengeMvenge

Father I come to you as a servant
I am not worthy to kneel and glorify your name
Father I ask for your forgiveness and pray you bring love in my heart
Father the children of Zimbabwe need you more than ever
MvangeMvenge Social Media Groups needs you Father
The Admins of MvengeMvenge need you father

Use MvengeMvenge Social Media Group to Build and Spread Love & Joy
Remove satan from making members of MvengeMvenge laugh and Rejoice when V11's are leaked or a person is being shamed
Father give the admins of MvengeMvenge the courage and strength to stop V11 from being posted
I pray members of MvengeMvenge reject Satan and rebuke him when someone is being abused.
Heavenly father let the members of MvengeMvenge encourage and praise each other rather than scold or torment one another.

Father I know you have a purpose for MvengeMvenge & the Children of Zimbabwe
I sin and am at fault too, father for i have laughed and rejoiced when someone was being tourmented on Social Media & MvengeMvenge
Today i pray for your light to shine on Zimbabwean Social Media Groups
Today i pray that the Holy Spirit shines on every member of MvengeMvenge

I pray a mother or father posts a photo of them hugging thier child and they get more loves and likes than someone leaking V11's
I pray for love and not hate 
I rebuke Satan on MvengeMvenge
I pray that every MvengeMvenge member rebukes Satan and accepts love in the group.
I pray every MvengeMvenge admin has strength to do go and is blessed abundantly

I thank you father of Jesus Crist I desire your love and courage
I love you father, I need you guidance lord.
God is Love, I Love you



Gemma Revis
Gemma Revis
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