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26 Jun, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Prophet Jay Israel exposing Fake Prophets In South Africa

When I am gone I want to be remembered as a man who stood the ground against falsehood and deception in the church .

I want to be remembered as a man who exposed all trickery and gimmicks that are done in the name of miracles .Remember me as that man who was hated by the so called Mighty man of our time for opening people’s eyes to seeing what they shouldn’t see .

This coming Friday I am going live on this platform to have an in depth talk about how miracles are faked , How prophecies are arranged and how the so called mighty man of god ( small letter G )manage to deceive millions across the globe and get away with it .They have very sophisticated systems that enable them to stay afloat at all times .

They run so called prophetic mafia movements and some are busy deceiving people claiming there is a rising prophetic voice yet they don’t hear from God but they use tricks and gimmicks to lie to innocent souls .Some have travelled to places I know to look for spiritual power and voodoo for their churches to grow .

NB : This Friday I will start with the so called mighty prophets who are based here in South Africa and their fellow brothers from Congo , Zimbabwe and Nigeria .I will leave no stone unturned. 

I am going to be the worst nightmare of their lives as long as I remain in this world until they stop deceiving people .

I do not stand to be hollier than thou but I stand as a man who saw the light and ran for my life . this coming Friday I’m going to expose it all for the whole world not to be deceived anymore .

Thousands of people have flocked into South Africa to meet the so called mighty prophets who deceive them by using trickery and gimmicks under the guise of supernatural power and the prophetic . 

My heart bleeds when I still see thousands still being deceived and millions being led astray .I believe the time has come for the truth to come to light .I shall also touch on how many so called sons and daughters are also part of the game hence it becomes very difficult to identify all the tricks .


Their so called armies who stand to defend their lies and manipulations will have to cut off my head because I am leaving no stone unturned ..

I will speak until the whole world knows that all these prophets are in it for money not for souls and changing lives . You can argue with me as much as you like and call me names but the truth remains .YOUR PROPHETS ARE FAKE .

I thankyou



Nothing will be hidden forever under the sun . No matter how smart you are , you can never outsmart God .You can shine brighter than the diamond while men clap for you but you can never outshine God .Everyday is for the dog but one day is for the master .I am going to use everything within my reach and power to fight deception and falsehood in the church . It was on that mountain that Elijah faced the Prophets of Baal to prove whose God is more powerful .We might not have that face off on the mountain with the fake prophets but I will speak of all their evil and dirty tricks they use to deceive thousands across the globe .

When the truth comes out backed by facts and evidence even the blind will see that Jesus is the king of kings . One day in the future you will live to remember and appreciate what I am doing now .

A man with a clear conscience fears nothing except God .Iam that man and I FEAR NOTHING !!

Counting down to tomorrow 



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