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19 Nov, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Prophet Madungwe Blasts Prophet Passion Java Anonyepa Ayibhadharwawo Na Ginimbi

Prophet Madungwe is firing back at Prophet Passion Java for comments he made about him that he needed Mbanje. Prophet Madungwe also saying Passion Java is a liner and does not speak the truth and that he lies about Ginimbi going to Heaven. Prophet Passion was paid by Ginimbi that why he said akaenda kuHeaven said Madungwe. Watch the video below.

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Shock as Prophet Madungwe affirms that Ginimbi is in hell

Prophet Madungwe has in an interview with Comrade Fatso of Magamba Tv distanced himself from a twitter parody account which is claiming that Ginimbi and Moana where placed on heavenly remand prison waiting for Moses to pass their final judgement as he had gone to America to deal with the elections. The parody further claimed that Moana was in the meantime regretting the day she met Ginimbi.

However, Prophet Madungwe affirmed that there is no way Ginimbi could be in heaven because he didn’t serve God.

Prophet Madungwe is a self proclaimed prophet who claims to visit heaven on multiple occasions, arrest satan, advice God and sit in heavenly boardrooms. He even claims that he is the deputy heavenly commander.

Ginimbi and Moana with 2 other friends died in a horrible car crash which turned in flames.

CONTROVERSIAL ZIMBABWE self styled prophet Talent Madungwe has caused a storm after a categorically stated in the video posted below that Genius Ginimbi Kadungure’s death was a one way ticket to hell because “he was not serving God.”

He said the late millionaire businessman did  not qualify for the heavenly paradise.

Madungwe known for his bizarre claims concerning his role in heaven says that Ginimbi did not live a Godly life hence his failure to qualify.

He was speaking to comrade Fatso on Magamba Tv when he made such startling claims alluding there is no remand in heaven

While emphasizing many times that Ginimbi went to hell, did not qualify for paradise, Mudungwe also dismissed recent social media reports claiming that Ginimbi and Moana were in remand.



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