Prophet Oscar Pambuka Hits Back At Critics, “Don’t Judge Me”


31 May, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Prophet Oscar Pambuka Hits Back At Critics, “Don’t Judge Me”

In a statement on facebook today, recently proclaimed “prophet” Oscar Pambuka asked people not to judge him using his history, saying that God chooses whom he wants.

His statement read:
“Its indeed amazing, mesmerising and quite interesting to note that most people surely don’t have work to do. It also shows lack of understanding and yes the labourers are few but the workload is too much.

Yesterday I revealed that I am a Prophet and all hell broke loose because I saw that most of you don’t even know what the term Prophet means. A simple definition of a Prophet is an inspired teacher or proclaimer of God’s will.

I also saw that most of you are used to the theatrical and trance making prophets who tell you that the undergarments you are wearing is black or white ignoring those who proclaim God’s will.

There are those who said, ” ah usatambe naMwari like they were sent by God. Kkkkk What a big joke. Carry your own cross and let God the Creator of everything judge not us beings fighting for our own salvation.

That Prophet, Pastor or whatever you call it you listen to at your church, did God speak from the Heavens and say this man or woman is from me? 
Who are you to say this person does not qualify or qualifies.?
God is not a politician that he takes sides and favours numbers. Not at all. God loves that person who follows His will. Period. You can be one or two out of millions its OK.

Prophets are not voted into office like you think or need to be ordained on Facebook. God chooses whom He wants.

All those looking at someone’s past lack wisdom and understanding for after repentance the old is gone and the new has come. We are all sinners but we need to repent and those of God you will know them by their fruit and also those from the Devil you will see with their fruit as well.

Judge not Judge not Judge not. No retreat No surrender.”


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