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27 Aug, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Prophet Passion Java Tells Vavengi Asvotwa Ngaarutse

Flamboyant Prophet Passion Java has blasted his critics after receiving a lot of flak for flaunting his wealth.

His Kingdom Embassy church said in a statement :

“We are being attacked as a Ministry, instead of people to appreciate social responsibility programs our man of God is doing there are actually persecuting us.

“Pastors have stopped preaching about Jesus Christ on their pulpits and they are now attacking our prophet.
“Prophet Passion is a blessed man, recently he bought a Lamborghini and he has also entered a deal with Gucci, when we publicise those things our aim is to show what God can do.

“In every church there is a segment for testimonies, so what is wrong if our man of God testifies using social media platform?”

Java was criticized for his over the top love for dancehall music as well as flaunting his lavish lifestyle on social media.


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