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15 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Role Model Bev Sibanda Featured In Ministry Of Education’s New Curriculum Book

Parents are not happy to learn that the new curriculum by the Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education features showbiz’s bad girl Berverly Sibanda popularly known as Bev.

The dancer is included in a paragraph that also features other international artists such as Beyonce, Shakira and Chris Brown.

“There are well known outstanding dancers like Alick Macheso, Sugar Sugar, and Beverly Sibanda among others. Can you think of other outstanding dancers in Zimbabwe? Dancers are role models, Most of those dancers make a living out of dancing. Some international dancers include Chris Brown, Beyonce and Shakira” reads part of the text.

We are still to establish the name of the book, the grade in which it is being taught or the subject. The outcry is likely to get into the ears of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary education who will be forced to review their publishing policies.

Showbiz’s bad girl

Bev cemented her reputation as the showbiz’s bad girl soon after she started her dancing career. Her fans kept on asking for more and she had to invent new ways to entertain them. She reached her peak when she started using a Castle Lager beer bottle during one of her most controversial acts. She would insert the tip of the bottle into her privates. The dance moves did not go well with the beef manufacturer Delta Beverages who forced her to abandon the tarnishing off their brand. She quickly changed the bottle by switching to the Viceroy bottle. She never had problems with Viceroy!

Role model or not

Parents are not happy that Bev is being recognised as a role model for their kids. They want the text removed in the next edition off the book. They see Bev as en entertainment personality with loose morals. Bev is paying her bills as she said soon after tying a knot. Against all odds, Bev is wedded a UK based Health Practitioner and many people expected her to quit her dirty job and join her husband in the UK to start a family. Her fans were wrong. Few weeks after her wedding, a pregnant Bev was filmed performing in a local night club. She vowed never to quit her profession and urged other ladies not to quit their jobs because their husbands are earning a stable income.

Headlines for wrong reasons

Bev is always making headlines for the wrong reasons. She once accused musician Andy Muridzo for neglecting her after impregnating her. Muridzo paid the price for the affair as his name was dragged into the mud and his reputation soiled. Bev also made claims that she once dated football star Khama Billiat. Billiat neither denied nor confirmed the news.


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