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Sabena Ruwizhi The Queen Of Zim Social Media

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08 May, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 3 minutes

Sabena Ruwizhi The Queen Of Zim Social Media

Over the last year hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans at home and in the Diaspora have come to know and love  Sabena Ruwizhi. Sabena Certified Personal Training Consultant and Trainer based in the United Kingdom. Her authenticity and honesty has boosted her popularity on social media. Sabena has not shied away from discussing sensitive issues including political 7 religious issues affecting Zimbabwes, She has also become a voice for women empowerment and a social commentator. 

Sabena Ruwizhi recently did a Q&A with Zimbolivenews.


Zimbolivenews:Who is Sabena Ruwizhi?

Sabena Ruwizhi:Sabena Ruwizhi is an Ex Bouncer & Ex Prophetess and a strong Believer in the Creator of the Universe who respects all living things and plants .


Zimbolivenews:Where were you born and where did you grow up?

Sabena Ruwizhi: I was born at Harare Hospital (not Mbuya Nehanda) but paGomo and grew up half of my childhood in Glen-Norah ,Chitubu before I went to Bulawayo.
At 9years old


Zimbolivenews:Where did you go for your Primary Education

Sabena Ruwizhi:I went to Chembira Primary School till I was grade 3 and transferred to Maphisa Primary and Khumalo Primary Bulawayo returned grade 7 to Harare.Form 1 to 4 Glen norah high One (school of high achievers ).I was a prefect there for 2years .then 18 and 6months I migrated to England

Zimbolivenews:When did you move to Diaspora

Sabena Ruwizhi:I moved to England 1998


Zimbolivenews:What do you do for a living?

Sabena Ruwizhi:I am a Certified Personal Training Consultant and Trainer .


Zimbolivenews:Whats your Passion?

Sabena Ruwizhi:My Passion is God the Creator and his Love for all.


Zimbolivenews:What make you so popular on social media?

Sabena Ruwizhi:what makes me popular on Facebook is the unity I bring to felebrities after wunduraring them ,With the focus of  uniting  Zimbabweans all over the world as One


Zimbolivenews:What advise  would you give to the youth especially young girls in Zimbabwe?

Sabena Ruwizhi:youths boys , young girls advice be patient when the time is right God says he will make it happen .In the meantime use condoms until you are married to avoid the spread of S.T.D and only  have children when you can afford them as the future might not be favourable to you and your child especially with the current situation in Zimbabwe.Do you want your offsprings to suffer together with you ?


Zimbolivenews:Whats something you would love all your fans to know about you?

Sabena Ruwizhi:The pple who follow me should know that I pray for peace , prosperity,Good physical and mental health   for them every sec every munite every hour every day every week every month every year ×repeat lol ......Ohhhhhhh Yeaaaaah LOVE.


Zimbolivenews:What would present Sabena Tell 20 year old Sabena?

Sabena Ruwizhi:what would this Sabena tell the Sabena at 20years .......Well done you catered for your parents,relatives ,neighbours before yourself ..now look what you have achieved  for someone who spent nights without eating as the Dad was disabled and mom had major heart problems ...Very proud of you  Sabena "Dhambi Domboshava" my mom would say (I gave myself a Shona name as I felt a bit foreign with my current name lol).Yes my Shona surname I gave myself was Domboshava..Miss Dombo lol ...thats funny .Reminds me of my late mom😭😭😭😭😭

Zimbolivenews:Does SIZE matter? 

Sabena Ruwizhi:Size matters as big things could hurt my womanhood from inside ,lol lol lol if I practised? then medium.


Zimbolivenews:Whats your favorate Song ?

Sabena Ruwizhi:My favourite song is Vana Vangu by Biggie Tembo


Zimbolivenews:If you could go on a Date with a male Zimbabwean Celebrity who would it be?

Sabena Ruwizhi:On a date with male Celeb it would be Great man   ..great sense of humour


Zimbolivenews:Who is your favorate Zim Female Celeb?

Sabena Ruwizhi:My favourite Zim female Celebs is Ammara Brown is Mai Charamba ,Mai Titi and definately Madam Boss


Zimbolivenews:What do you think about Zimdancehall?

Sabena Ruwizhi:ZimDancehall  is Perfect Art .Loving it plse don't stop the music big up Mega B of Mbiles and Killer T (can't get enough of Killer T music ,chakachaya 💚💚💚💚💚


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