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12 Jun, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Sad News Prophet Passion Java Announces Gara Mumba Iwe 7 Was The Last One

Prophet Passion Java who has been entertaining Zimbabweans and providing income to many musicians who have not been able to work during the covid-19 lockdown has announced that Gara Mumba Iwe 7 was the last one.

Gara Mumba Iwe series had become the highlight of many Zimbabweans and they got online concerts performed by some of Zimbabwe's top artists. From Winky D ,Alick Macheso and many more. Gara Mumba Iwe currently holds the record in Online Views in Zimbabwean  History surpassing numbers put up by Olinda Chapel during her stunner break up.  Also breaking records set During Tuku's Funeral & The late President Robert Mugabes Funeral. Gara Mumba Iwe 7 broke the record with 27.8k views when Baba Shero Alick Macheso performed. 
Passion Java announced his next show will be Uncle Epatans Album Launch.


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