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08 Nov, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Saluting Mukoma Masimba A Facebook Legend

Mukoma Masimba is a Zimbabwe Social Media legend and is the mentors of over 90% of social media personalities. Mukoma Masimba was the engine behind zvirikufaya na keda his duties included writing scripts for the actors and publicity for the page. During zvirikufaya na keda Mukoma Masimba discovered people like

Madam Boss


Mai TT

Rutendo Loveness Samaz

Kuda Chamisa

Caroline nyakudya

After zvirikufaya na keda ended its run Mukoma Masimba became a free agent and helped ZimboliveTV grow as a page buy being a top contributor on Aunty Jenny & Uncle Ged Show. While working on ZimboliveTV, Mukoma Masimba worked on a campaign to change Star FM programming by banning Madzibabas from paying reporters to spread their fake works. It took almost a year for MM to force Star FM to make these changes.

Mukoma Masimba also developed the Drama Queen skit, which had Madam Boss, Gonyeti, Mai TT & Maggie. Mukoma Masimba currently is a free agent and promotes different facebook groups and pages. Mukoma Masimba hosts a number of shows with many Zimbabweans on social media follow.

Go Deeper Session

Kunama Mapoto

I Will Make You Straight

DJ Wildfire with Mawere Show

If you want Zimbabwe Facebook Fame or become a Felebrity the fasted way is to be mentored by Mukoma Masimba and get his Scripts, which have received ovewr 500 Million views over the last 8 years. Mukoma Masimba is a true legend



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