09 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Seh Calaz & His Award Wining Manager Preston Maporisa Have Part Ways Over Money Issues

SEH CALAZ and his award-winning manager Preston Maporisa have reportedly parted ways, this publication can reveal.

On Wednesday, Maporisa tendered a resignation letter.

“Please note that I am here to tender my resignation as Seh Calaz manager ndipewo vamwe mukana vanokwanisa kufambisa basa. “No hard feelings and ndagara ndiriMubhandit and will remain Mubhanditi.

“I am now venturing into other business outside music so that I make sure my family gets food on the table.

“I would like to thank Calaz for the support he gave me during my tenure,” he said.

Seh Calaz’s publicist King George Damson confirmed the developments. “We have always been working with Mr Maporisa even before he came to assist our office with managerial duties.

“From the start Mr Maporisa has always been involved in other personal business arrangements and we had agreed that when the time comes and he has to commit hundred percent to his other projects we would transition in that way.

“It has always been a pleasure working with him and nothing stops us from venturing in other things with him, he remains a part of our extended family,” he said.
Contacted for comment, Seh Calaz referred this reporter to his publicist.

According to a close source to both this publication and the Mabhanditi stable, Calaz and Maporisa had misunderstanding after the Bholato Bholato Concert.

“The two had a misunderstanding after the concert which attracted a respectable number of people. “There was poor communication between Seh Calaz and Maporisa, it did not go well with Maporisa who felt disrespected.

“He decided to quit and Calaz was even surprised by the letter.

“Maporisa and Calaz were working hard together but to my surprise they have separated ways.

“Inenge nyaya yemari,” said the source who feared victimisation.


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