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03 Jul, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
ShemaTV Is Coca Cola & Adore Show Is Pepsi Both Are Similar But Difference We Can Support Both Of Them

Social media streets have been going crazy about upcoming social media commentator  Adore Ruzhabaro who is host of the Adore Show on Youtube. Adore has a similar style as Zimbabwe’s number 1 Youtuber Sharon of ShemaTV.

 There is no question in anyone’s mind that ShemaTV is a show heads and shoulders above everyone else. ShemaTV is undoubtably the best Youtuber in Zimbabwe at the moment. Adore is an upcoming YouTuber who is also a samanyika and uses the same words most samanyikas do. 

A group of people have come out bashing Adore for being a copycat of ShemaTV.  If we look at Coca Cola & Pepsi  these drinks are very similar in color and both taste good and are known all over the world. We are not sure which drink started first but we are sure if Coke started first people called Pepsi a copycat. Also if Pepsi started first many people called Coca Cola a copycat. 

Besides being called copycat both Pepsi & Coca Cola are the biggest beverage companies in the world. Adore may sound like ShemaTV but she is different and has her own style. ShemaTV herself loves and supports Adore and has even subscribed to her channel and so does Adore she loves and follows ShemaTV. 

As Zimbabweans if these two beautiful ladies support each other and wish nothing but the best for one other who are we to  judge them. Instead of criticizing Adore let’s embrace her and support her . Competition is always good as it wil make ShemaTV better and Adore Show better as well. 

Another example we can use is Mai TT and Madam Boss these ladies are in the same field and are the most competitive individuals many of us have witnessed. They push each h other all the time.  So having Adore in the same field as ShemaTV may make both ladies better and more successful. 

If Madam Boss has stopped doing skits becoz Mai TT started before her and she was worried people would call her copycat would she be the biggest brand Ambassador in Zimbabwe?

As Zimbabweans let’s learn to embrace  competition and pushing each other to be better.  Instead of trying to criticize each other. Remember there is only one ShemaTV and there is not one Adore Show 


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staff reporter
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