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20 Jul, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Simba Chikanza Lies About Edith Chibhamu Denied By Kids Father

SimbaChikanza’s EdithChibhamu human trafficking rumors rubbish by father of Children

Simba Chikanza spend the last 3 years  claiming Edith Chibhamu had human trafficked children, finally the father of the alleged Children spoke and confirmed he had willingly given the children to Edith Chibhamu. Trouble came when the sister of the said children was paid by Chikanza to say she had trafficked  children. 

This paper has had the privilege of speaking to the child in question and the child clearly stated that he was not the least interested in going to his father's house especially after the abuse he went through in the hands of Edeline Masanga his stepsister and his step mother and others. 

This reporter spoke to Elijah Masanga at length and narrated his ordeal and expressed regrets at how his family is now coming forward 9 years later. When he is now a young man. 

He explained how Edith Chibhamu used to encourage them to speak to their relatives and never forget their roots even though they didn't like it. 

He said he wished people would stop speaking without facts. As far as he was concerned EDITH CHIBHAMU WAS HIS HERO

In the father's hour long narrative he explained how he failed to get his son quality treatment for an alleged incurable disease and Edith pitched in and managed to get the Child the best medical treatment they was to save his life. 

The father lied that Amai Mugabe was ever mentioned according to his own son, Edith Chibhamu never mentioned any name she just offered to help herself.  

In the process Edith and the child developed a very special bond which then resulted in, the child prefaring  Edith Chibhamu as his mother. According to the narrative the now 19 year old young men, is healthy& well and has maintained good relations with Edith and is currently preparing to go and study in USA at 1 very good medical school. 

However Simba Chikanza after being put to order by Edith Chibhamu,Simba Chikanza in his fury he paid Elijah's sister and father to come and give a very bad narrative of the children situation. 

Mr Masanga was forced to lie after being given money by Simba Chikanza just the same way he paid Simbarashe Java to lie against Passion Java and other prophets. 

However Mr Masanga's narrative has vindicated Edith Chibhamu of any human trafficking issue. Rather it has exposed Zimeye's fabrication of stories against a lot of public figures in Zimbabwe.

The relationship between Edith Chibhamu and one of Mr Masanga’s oldest daughter gave raise to these fake allegations and they personally had irreconcilable differences which the spilled over to the children as bet. 

Mr Masanga has been able to talk to his children during the hospitalization stage to present day, however the now 19 year old refuses to go back and live in Kwekwe. 

This is according to his narration. Mr Masanga visited his children in harare all the time. Communications between Mr Masanga and Chibhamu are in our hands right now and they clearly prove there was never any human rights violations on these children.

The name calling and false claims by Simba Chikanza also spilled over to his current target and enemy Passion Java, who he claimed told Edith Chibhamu not to give the young man to Mr Masanga. 

It’s been evident that Chikanza is attacking Passion Java because of his wealth and has serious hatred for him, Edith Chibhamu is being attacked by Chikanza because of political affiliations. 

It was also made worse when Edith Chibhamu tried to block Simbarashe Java from fighting his brother in public. Edith Chibhamu and the Java family have a long standing relationship.


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