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Sir Wicknell Interview In Custody

Zimbolivenews was able to get infomation from Sir Wicknell over the phone below is the readout of the conversation.

Sir Wicknell & wife happy times.


Zimbolivenews has confirmed that Sir Wicknell was arrested and is in custody. Sir Wicknell was arrested last week on four charges of fraud, money laundering and contravening Exchange Control Act for corruptly receiving $5 million from Zimbabwe Power Company.

Phone Interview readout  Sir Wicknell

Zimbolivenews: Thank you for talking accepting my call Sir Wicknell
Sir Wicknell: No Problem I hear people are spreading lies about me

Zimbolivenews: People and the news are reporting you were arrested and denied bail
Sir Wicknell: Rubbish my lawyers will are onto of the situation, everything will be cleared, "vanhu vanejerasi neni i will get the last laugh"

Zimbolivenews: Im sure people who are fans of you want to know how you are feeling.
Sir Wicknell: This is a minor setback i will be out and making more money my tender is legally binding, vavenge vachasvotwa.

Zimbolivenews: Why do you think you were arrested now?
Sir Wicknell: My lawyers will get to the bottom of this and i plan on suing for defamation chokwadi chichabuda

Zimbolivenews: How are you coping with the situation being locked up?
Sir Wicknell: Im a winner, i will be more successfull ,inga ndirikutaura newe paphone ,chokwadi chichabhuda im a blessed child.

Zimbolivenews: Your spirits seen to be high how are you managing that
Sir Wicknell:  Because im innocent i have done nothing wrong ,mark my words i will be suing , unotyeyi if you are innocent, hapana nyaya apa.

Zimbolivenews: What message do you have for Zimbabwean and your supporters
Sir Wicknell: iwe vanhu just need to leave hupenyu hwavo, people are jelous of my hard work, i will get the last laugh vativadii

We lost phone connection and were not able to get hold of him. From the conversation we had with Sir Wicknell he was in good spirits and was very confident this matter would be resolved. We will keep everyone updated on this story.


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