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05 Nov, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Socialite RonnieDee Blasts Teemak Haasisina Kana 1 Rand Akunhuwa Mhataldo

Socialite RonnieDee is not holding back his feelings for Teemak who was exposed as a scammer a few months back. Teemak was exposed for scamming over 350K from Zimbabweans with his Forex Trading business. Teemak is accused of scamming friends and  Zimbabwean government officials. 

RonnieDee who announced that Teemak scammed him $2000 USD which Teemak borrowed but never returned. RonnieDee posted the following on his Instagram.

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DJTowers & RonnieDee Beak Their Silent Teemak Taona Chipunza Imbavha He Is Stealing Money From People

DJTowers and RonnieDee have broken thier silence about Teemak Taona Chipunza scaming Zimbabweans with his forex trading scam. DJTowers who is responcible for making Teeman kfamous and getting a car for it has not commented on the issue until today. RonnieDee shared his thoughts and DJTowers told fans i total agree with what Roonie is saying. watc hthe video below.

Teemak is accused of stealing over $350k from Zimbabwean all over the diaspora by scamming them to invest in his fake investment trading scheme. Investros have been trying to recover thier funds for months. Teemak has been hiding for the last few month and has deactivated all his social media accounts.

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A youthful Zimbabwean man, who always dresses in white attire to signify his supposed wealth, has courted trouble after allegedly duping scores of Zimbabweans living locally and abroad through an investment scam.


24-year-old Taona Oswald Chipunza – better known as Teemak in music circles –duped unsuspecting investors that include cabinet ministers, high net worth earners, church leaders and ordinary folk alike. Chipunza is said to have assured his alleged victims, dotted around the globe, of massive financial windfall on their investment. However, the scheme, with all the marks of serious foreign exchange fraud, collapsed spectacularly at the end of June.

Those based in the United States, Germany, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and China say they have lodged police reports in their various jurisdictions, desperately hoping to draw the attention of Interpol.

“We need to stop this boy before he strikes again,” one disgruntled client said by telephone from the US. Chipunza, though, insists that his hedge-fund, as well as the investment vehicles he runs, are above board.

However, what has left the investors shaken is that a quick search revealed that the entities are not registered with state regulators, and have no legitimate earnings.


In his defence, Chipunza says the money owed to individuals had not been paid at the initially promised date of July 31 as he was behind on trading targets.


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