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01 Jul, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Souljah Love Supports Van Choga Leaving Yala Nation Musamuite Funny Aita Zvaada

Souljah Love shares his thoughts about Van Choga leaving Yala Nation Jah love posted the following 

Just because asiya recording label yake doesnt mean you would make fun of him. As long asina kukubirai abva in peace i think you should appreciate him. Imimi mukaResigna kumabasa kwenyu does it mean kuti makutofanha kutovengana nema boss enyu #FOKORO Mhan


The main reason for Van Choga's exit was about revenue. According to Seh Calaz, Soon after the release of the album, Kawara tried to create an iTunes account for Van Choga in the absence of Yala Nation management. Then later on learnt that Ta International had already created the account which was stated by section 4 of the contract.

Van Choga felt cheated, asked for the contract and later on an exit. Which leads us to fight for revenue. The artist might have felt that, Yala Nation could have been trying to robe him his revenue.



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