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14 Oct, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Stunner & Dyonne Zimbabwe’s Own Jay-Z & Beyoncé

Stunner & Dyonne Zimbabwe’s Own Jay Z & Beyoncé 

Stunner & his young beautiful wife Dyonne Tanaka are Zimbabwe”s own Jay Z and Beyoncé. The couple is in the lime light anything they do bloggers and social media communities go wild.witt rumors and gossip who’d is what Jay z and Beyoncé go through.

With all the pressure social media brings gossip rumors fake stories  Stunner & Dyonne Tanaka have always stood by each other’s side.

Despite the age Difference between the two lovers nothing has come between them . Stunner is 40 years old and Dyonne is 23 years old the 17yeara age difference makes the saying  age is nothing but a number true.  Stunner is known for his fun and loving character that his fans have started calling him the 40  year old teenager.

Stunner and Dyonne has a daughter together and hername is Owani. Stunner also has a daughter from a past relationship who is 19 years old and her name is Celest . Stunner had a reputation for being a player before he married his soul mate Dyonne. Since he married Dyonne he has stuck by her  and the player label has been removed.

Jay Z and Beyoncé are celebrities who also have their every move analyzed and people are always looking into their business. This is the same situation Stunner and Dyonne are in . Any move or post on Social Media platforms are analyzed and people come up with their own theories . 

Stunner and Dyonne are definitely Zimbabwea version of Jay Z and Beyoncé 




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