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Stunner & Olinda Ruled Zim Hip Hop Awards na Dyonne Zvapresa Mudiwa & Angelica Now Rule

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16 Dec, 2019   |   Posted By:   |   Estimated reading time 3 minutes

Stunner & Olinda Ruled Zim Hip Hop Awards na Dyonne Zvapresa Mudiwa & Angelica Now Rule

Zim hip hop awards have always been the time superstars like Stunner & Mudiwa Hood shine and show the whole country why they are on top of the hip hop game. One artist that has remained constant and has a  track record to back it up is Mudiwa Hood ,who of late has been scoring point after point against his friend and main rival Stunner Da Des. The rivalry between Stunner & Mudiwa Hood has made both artist push themselves more and produce great music and made them great artists.

Something we has not seen recently with wife Dyonne. Whats sad is that this year stunner did not bring his wife on the red carpet .could there be Trouble in Dziva’s paradise?.Flamboyant rapper’s wife Dyonne Friday left people wondering if all was well between the couple.  Dyonne Tanaka denied getting on red carpet with the Godo hitmaker whilst it might be going to be a laughing stock for the Hoods. The Chidemes were last to be interviewed on the much hyped and biased 9th edition of the Zim hip hop awards.During the event the two weren’t seen together unlike the Hoods which were all cosy during the night. 

Olinda Chapel & Stunner anouncing the most award nominations at the Zim Hip Hop awards three years ago. when Stunner got the most  nomimations at the Zim Hip Hop awards he flexed  his dominances with his then number one fan and beautiful wife.

Looking back at the history of The hip hop award Stunner was the biggest name at these awards when he was married to Olinda Chapel. Olinda Chapel has the golden touch or the midas touch when it comes to promoting and boosting the careers of the men in her life. During her marriage to Stunner  is the time Stunner became a household name getting booked for tours all over the world. During this same period is when stunner would be wining the best dressed at the zim hip hop awards. Stunner would always walk with 1 or 2 more awards that his main rival Mudiwa Hood. Olinda has a proven track record of boosting the careers of her man Stunner was at the top of his game during his marriage to Olinda Chapel. This is also the same case when it comes to Tytan who reached the pinnacle of his carrer when Olinda Chapel was by her side. Tytan was a skinny struggling musician under the umberaal of Olinda Chapel he became a household name. Since tytan and Olinda brokeup he is still searching for the fame and limelight he had next to the beautiful Olinda Chapel

During Stunners fruitful years with Olinda Chapel he drove the latest cars and wore the best clothes which neutralized Mudiwa Hood and kept him in check. After Stunner and Olinda separated ways this opened  a huge space for Mudiwa Hood to find new ways to take over the hip hop space. Mudiwa Hood realised that a Stunner with no Olinda Chapel is a wounded dog. Mudiwa Hood started attacking stunner on areas he knew Stunner wuld never win , Mudiwa started braggin about having nice cars and clothes an areas Stunner could not compete in anymore. Mudiwa would flash expensive watches and toys another are Stunner could not compete in. Mudiwa just used his marketing skills to take over the space Stunner had dominated for years.

When it comes for the rapping game and crown appeal Stunner wins by far and leaves mudiwa hood in the dust. The best way to compare Stunner and Mudiwa hood is like comparing USA rappers Jay-z and Nas. Mudiwa Hood is Jay-z he can rap and entertain but has more money and is a better businessmen but is light years behind rapping to Nas. Stunner is like Nas he is one of the best rappers over but is not as rich and a superstar as Jay-z.To make matters worse is that at this years Zim Hip Hop awards Mudiwa Hood and his wife offically became the King and Queen of the Zim Hip Hop awards by shinning on the red carpet. On the other had looks like Stunner and Dyonne were not in good spirits and must of been fighting since Stunner did not bring her on the Red carpet to show off his beautiful wife on the biggest Zim Hip Hop stage.