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23 Sep, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Stunner Apologizes To Fans For His Recent Instagram Live

Zim Hip Hop legend Stunner has issued an apology to all his fans for his latest stunts especially the Instagram live he did with amaikoko in which she danced naked in her shower and Stunner was cheering her on. Most of Stunners fans were shocked at this behaviour since Stunner has Two daughters and one of them is almost 20 years old and Stunner is married. Stunner issues the following message to his fans.

I know my live sessions are no under 18 because of the topics we discuss but yesterday was way outside my comfort zone and I'm sorry to my followers and next time i shall be more respectful and careful when adding people . Kutya kunzi ndakwata ndokwatisvitsa pano. IM SORRY GUYS,  I WILL DO BETTER NEXT TIME. I apologise.

Kuna Stunner Ndokwatinoenda......#Forthefan #Instalive #topic #discussions #ShamwariYevanhu #dzangaradzimu #rapper #hiphop #ChibasaIchi


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Fans Worried Stunner May End Up Like Mukoma Masimba With His Erratic Actions On Instagram
Many of Stunners fans have started to get worried that thier favorite musician maybe going through some form of depression or episode. Stunner has been posting videos on Instagram where his behavior has been very different from the Stunner many of his fans know.

It started a few weeks ago when Stunner was fighting with his ex-wife Olinda Chapel and body shamed her and insulted her in a very disgusting manner. Mudiwa Hood and DJ Shugeta even tried to tell Stunner not to act in such a manner. Stunner went further and blasted Shugeta on one of his Instagram posts.

Stunner has also been acting like someone not married and as a father. Stunner has been making Instagram video where he has been talking about zvinyadzi and drinking alcohol none stop. With another top celebrity Mukoma Mukoma having suffered some mental issues some feel a same situation maybe happening to Stunner. Below are comments from fans of Stunner who feel something is going on with their favorite rapper. 

Ndoma celeb emunyika yedu yezimbabwe aya akomanaka chinyika chotambura ichii

Wy this man achida zvekunetsana nezvimoko...netsana nevarume ....ukuzvidonhedza weight nezvinhu zvisina basa...

So embarrasing,akurasika uya

he is probably depressed something is not right kumba uko

Ndabvako ndamunyarira hamadzake dziripi nhai Peter pan uyu

ichembere so no one can control him but dai asingaite izvi he has a teenage daughter she will see this mess 

Umm baba ava I suspect vakasiwa ne mukadzi chete mazuvano kamutambiro kava kuita ku insta uko umm


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