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19 Jul, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Stunner Back Home After Weeks In Hospital

Stunner is back home after spending a few weeks in the hospital. Mdara Dviva has been sick for days now and there is a picture of him in the hospital that has been seen on social media. At this point, no one knows what deseal he is suffering with is.

After hearing that Dziva is not feeling well, his loyal fans have decided to start a health fund for him. It started as rumours, that the singer was sick and the disease he is suffering from we don’t know yet.  Now we receiving news that the singer is now feeling much better and has been discharged. The report we got is below…

Stunner is back home after spending a few weeks in the hospital. Stunner is doing well on his home recovery path and I can tell you that he is doing better than the last time he was in the hospital. Says the family spokesperson and former manager.

CONTROVERSIAL Zimbabwe singer Stunner Desmond Chideme is making news headlines for the wrong reasons after his wife Dyonne Tanaka Tafirenyika  posted on her Instagram story line that the rapper is bedding her little sister, aged 16. 

She says she fears for her life following threats Chideme that he will kill her if she tells anyone about the scandal. Dyonne posted this on her timeline and then quickly deleted the post after it started to gather momentum. To make matters worse, Stunner’s former wife Olinda weighed in saying Dyonne’s mother will not want to see her son-in-law locked behind bars over the act. 

The singer reportedly started to bed his current wife when she was also a minor, according to angry responses posted online following the revelation.


Controversial rapper Desmond Stunner Chideme’s wife has accused him of sexually assaulting her 16-year-old sister.

His 22-year-old wife, Dyonne Tanaka took to her Instagram stories and posted two stories in which she tagged her husband, whose handle is @Stunnerzim, asking him why he had been raping the 16-year-old and threatening to kill her (if she revealed the rape).

The two stories were deleted hours later. No criminal charges have been pursued against the rapper so far, which has sparked debate over the internet.

Social commentator Dr Rebecca Chisamba said this issue shows how people are now abusing social media. She said Zimbabwe is a country with laws on how to deal with cases like rape so justice can never be met on social media.

People are now abusing social media by posting every detail of their lives there. There are protocols on how to deal with issues like rape, and Zimbabwe is a country that has a Constitution which spells out how rapists or suspected rapists are dealt with.

“If there is suspicion, reasonable suspicion that someone has been abused, let’s follow the laws put in place, and as we go about trying to seek justice, let us be respectable about it, protect the victim.

“The alleged victim is a minor who will want to survive after this. Stun-ner wacho munhuwo who has dignity and is innocent until proven guilty, so this matter needs to be dealt with cautiously.

“Social media haitonge nyaya, I don’t understand. Who told you, young people, that social media is the judge and jury. Sometimes we do things out of anger, but posting this issue on social media has very serious implications.

“The minor in question may not even cope well with how social media will blow the issue out of proportion. It’s her sister’s job to protect her and seek justice on her behalf.

This can only be done by taking it to the responsible authorities so that justice can be met,” she said. Enisia Mushusha, a theatre practitioner and women’s rights activist, questioned why Tafirenyika took down the post, queering whether she had been intimidated, threatened or her account had been hacked.

Most people commenting on the matter on social media were in agreement that rape was a serious accusation and if Tafirenyika was going to try and defend the post by saying she had been hacked, it was not going to be acceptable as the post was far-reaching and there were screenshots with different timestamps to prove this.

One of the first to comment was Stunner’s ex-wife Olinda Chapel who said if the couple was trying to market their new music, it was in bad taste because young girls get raped every day and it can’t be used as a joke. Chapel added that if true, she hoped that these serious allegations will be seen through to court and the victim will get all the psychosocial help she requires as rape is very serious and shouldn’t be taken lightly AT ALL.

Some questioned why the matter hadn’t been reported to the police before it had spilled over to the internet.

Following rape allegations, a document purporting to be a medical report has found its way to the internet. The document, supposedly from a private hospital, started circulating on the internet proving that the minor had been taken to a private doctor to ascertain whether she had been raped.

The document indicated that the minor had been examined at 01:15 hours and was found to be a virgin and there ‘was no sign of recent vaginal penetration.’

The document was, however, not the proper medical affidavit used in government hospitals when examining rape victims.

The document left a lot to be desired as there was no form of authentication to show whether it was done as required by the law when dealing with rape victims.



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