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27 Feb, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Stunner Breaks His Silence In The Olinda &Tytan Saga

Stunner the former husband of Olinda Chapel and friends of Tytan has broken his silence and released a press statement. Tytan jumped in bed with Olinda before The ink on Stunner and Olindas divorce papers was dry.

Stunner posted the following.

Mashark and fans of Stunner. Ndimi mune basa pazvese zvandinoita pa social media (mune power rinopfura rangu). My name keeps being dragged mumahumbwe evamwe and for the longest time you and I fought silently , hard and well to be were we are now from that time I spiritually fell up to when I found my happiness. My health status is no secret I have done and posted results years after that ordeal and I'm a frequent blood donor. I'm HIV NEGATIVE .   My question to you is toitawo live here or we continue pushing basa redu re music (it's been going well)? 

The album Ghetto ghetto chronicles is still doing well and I have more amazing and mature music coming your way. Asia tour with Enzo Ishal this March courtesy of Teemak Promotions   #vVvtt #TazoitaCashRecords #PasinaImiHapanaIni 

Kuna Stunner Ndokwatinoenda........#Chidzimudzangara #ChiDzangaradzimu


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