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29 May, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Stunner Calls For DJTowers & MrStyllz To Have A Dialog & Unite

Stunner who is a friend to both DJ Towers & MrStylls is calling for the two celebrities to sit down and talk over thier differences. Stunner postes that he was in a tough situation of wether to side with DJtowers or Mrstllz 

Just like husband and wife vanotemana nemapoto (which is not good) but still find themselves in the same bed , friends are sometimes not going to agree on certain issues but tomorrow is another day. @djtowerslnternational , 6 or 7yrs ago when I didn't know you and you would say all sort of bad things about me I still respected your hustle and showed you how u could make some money or off it and I proved it was always WISE TO MAKE FRIENDS NOT ENEMIES. Whatever you two disagreed on , I don't think it's bigger than life. I'm sorry for what ever happened, it's lockdown I could have sat the both of you down somewhere pane sadza nema tumbu and susu and a beer.
If u say you only talk with teemak yet the gateway to him is Stylz and you are sort of the marketing guy in your gang gang , how will this work my young brother? I love people that respect and love life together . BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU DO WHEN THAT PHONE CAMERA COME ON GUYS . Social media is very toxic. I love you both and you need each other seeing how you met Stylz through me and the ripple effect got u to teemak. That's how friendship works. Put God first.
Titori Royco pamuto pavanotiona tichifara. #vVvtt


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