Stunner Challenges Mudiwa Hood To 1 Song & End Beef


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Stunner Challenges Mudiwa Hood To 1 Song & End Beef

Stunner has challenged Mudiwa Hood to end thier beef by making 1 song each representing who they are and where they come from. Mudiwa Has been making fun of Stunners roots which is Glen Norah. Stunner has responded by saying he is not ashamed or ambarrassed  that he is from Glen Norah he is actually proud of it. To end this beef Stunner posted on his Facebook that he and Mudiwa should write one song each and the public should decide who wins by producing the best song.

Mudiwa Hood posted on his Instagram and was winning this beef by a mile but Stunner had bounced back and is firing back his responses with HipHop King Ti Gonzi on his side. Zimbabwe is now waiting to see if Mudiwa Hood will accept Stunners latest challenge

Stunner and Mudiwa Beef goes way back when they both made songs to a similar beat created by Craig-Bone you can read how it went down below.

Performers Stunner and Mudiwa Hood are set to discharge comparable melodies affability of working with a similar maker. The beat, which is being created by Craig-Bone – genuine name Zvikomborero Tsiga – is as of now in the two camps with the two artists affirming the improvement. The two artistes are likewise sharing a tune title. 

Mudiwa said his melody is entitled "Vegodo Vandikoniwa" while Stunner (genuine name Desmond Chideme) affirmed that his new tune is classified "Vandikonewa". 

The two melodies were created by Craig-Bone. 

Requested remark, Craig Bone, who additionally happens to be Mudiwa's maker, denied the claims. 

"Truly, I am Craig Bone yet I don't have the foggiest idea what you are discussing. This is brand new information to me," he said. 

A few fans have kept up that there is a hamburger between the two performers following an obvious online networking rivalry whereby every one was professing to be the top style symbol. Neither at any point straightforwardly alluded to the next in their Facebook posts. 

In a different meeting with the two artistes, both were stunned about the news yet received an expert position saying this is music not war. 

"I don't think Craig comprehends what's going on here. I have just begun acing on my tune entitled 'Vandikonewa'. It is anything but a joke (wangu). Craig is doing the tune on my tune. I just addressed Mudiwa, this is the same old thing. We have same chorale, same beat yet there is no meat like some may attempt to state it," said Stunner, who is still in the US for his visit. 

The "Group Hombe" hitmaker said he will be back on June 20. 

"I am returning the following two weeks and I am booked to perform at the Sanganai Hlanganani Travel Expo. I don't know with my administration but rather I will be glad to test the tune at the occasion," he said. 

In the mean time, Mudiwa additionally said Craig is doing the chorale for his track. 

"What I know is my new tune will highlight Craig on the chorale. On the off chance that Stunner is doing the melody, at that point it's cool with me, all the best to him as well. I can affirm that Craig has made the beat as of now. No war this is music. I am discharging my melody one week from now and fans can anticipate it," he said. 

He said his tune is committed to foes and haters. 

"I have been battled left, right and focus however God has been faithfull to me as He generally manages me. I can say the melody will give individuals who have an equivalent circumstance as mine, expectation and light on where we are proceeding to originate from," he said. 

On the off chance that the maker has without a doubt given a similar beat to two distinct artistes this would not be the first run through in Zimbabwe. Beforehand as a forthcoming performer Mathias Mhere was named a Blessing Shumba copycat in the wake of working with a maker who organized his music to sound precisely like that of the then progressively prominent gospel vocalist. 

Tryson Bande additionally discharged a collection which earned him the sobriquet "Charles Charamba copycat". 

Maybe it is time that genuine performers look past writing verses into real melodic structure on the off chance that they are to abstain from falling prey to lethargic makers who want to adhere to a demonstrated recipe as opposed to making one of a kind styles to coordinate the various artistes they work with.


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