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25 Sep, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Stunner Clapback At Olinda She Is Not Happy With Her Life Ndo Type Inomuka Zvipoko Yafa

Stunner was live on Instagram with comedian and socialite  Kuda Chamisa when he was asked what was going on with Olinda Chapel. Stunner told Kuda that he was living his own life and was happy. Stunner also said "Olinda is type of a person who will comeback as  chipoko kana afa because she is not happy with her life. She will come back as a ghost. Ndo type yamunonzwa kuti box raramba kupinda  muguva. watch the video below.


Amaikoko Breaks Her Silence Denies Claims By Olinda That Her Father Contacted Her On Whatsapp About Stunner.
Amaikoko who is someone very open and a free spirit did an Instagram live and told her side of the story about the Stunner shower dance that’s made her a social media sensation.  Amaikoko told everyone that she was not manipulated of forced to dance for Stunner.Amaikoko also said that her dad is not the one who called Olinda Chapel . Each the video below and hear wh she says about the matter.

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Olinda Breaks Her Silence Stunner Akanyadzisa Kuti Mwanasikana Atambe Asina Kupfeka, Olinda was accused by many of Stunners fans for cooking fake chats pretending to be amaikokos father  looking for Stunner after he made his daughter dance naked on his Instagram live. Stunner got backlash for the video and issues an apology to his fans.

Olinda fired back at Stunner and his fans for supporting such acts of making women dance naked on social media. Stunner has a social responcibility as a father with two daughters and and a role model to many. Watch the video posted by Olinda below.

Each time Stunner get in the press for good or bad ex wife Olinda somehow will end up in the middle of the Story. The same thing happed when Olinda gets in a story Stunner will somehow end up in the middle. Some have speculated that the former husband and wife have unsettled issues and they is why they have been fighting for so long.

Stunner did an Instagram live and amakoko joined his live and was dancing musvo in the shower. Stunner instead of stopping the live encouraged her to dance and cheered her on. May fans were in shock and stunner ended up apologizing for the behavior. 
Olinda Chapel Deactivated her Facebook account after fans started accusing her of cooking fake chats about amikoko's father wanting to get Stunner for having his daughter dance on Instagram. Olinda Chapel posted screenshots which many fans felt were fake and were just a way to get back at Stunner. 



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