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17 Sep, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Stunner ClapBack To Mudiwa "Une Zero Fans"

It did not take long for Stunner to pull out his weapons and fire back at Mudiwa Hood. Stunner posted a video of him performing his song Sunungura MaRasta with 2 guys dancing and they ask Stunner "where are the rest of the Fans?" Stunner replies muritobho you are more than Mudiwa Hoods Fans ane Zero Fans.

Knowing the fight and courage in Mudiwa Hood he is bound to come back with a rocket launcher and fire it at Stunner . Mudiwa Hood has one area he always wins against Stunner and thats showing off his nice house and cars and dollar power. Mudiwa will for sure use his wealth to try and win this new Hip Hop Battle against Stunner.

Stunner & Mudiwa Hood maybe fighting for second place since Ti Gonzi is the reigning and undisputed King of HipHop YemuGhetto in Zimbabwe. Also Stunners new Album Ghetto Chronicles is out on Itunes and you can watch video on youtube. Ghetto Chronicles is a master peace and has lots of hit tracks. We are sure Mudiwa Hood is in the studio as he mentioned working on his new Album.


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