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15 Aug, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Stunner Gives Relationship Advise To Zimbabweans

Zimbabwes HipHop king Stunner has become a changed man after his recent hospitalization. Ever since Stunner left the hospital he has become very wise and very inspirational. Stunner have been posting messages about love unity and justice for all. 

Stunner just posted a message about healty relaionships Stunner posted the following.

All I can say is if you think you are in love but you have incriminating things about your partner stored in your gadgets, mirai henyu kuzvinyepera sisi kana bhudhi. THAT IS NOT LOVE , LEAVE THAT RELATIONSHIP AND BE WITH SOMEONE WAUNOTI LET ME DELETE THIS NONSENSE BECAUSE IT MIGHT FALL IN THE WRONG HANDS AND RUIN US.

Zvikanzi national day of leaving your relationship , muroad hamufambike umu ne commotion. Misazvimbunyukidze veduwe find true and mutual love. Kugara makateyana how do you even sleep naked? Ndimi vanhu vanorara ne bhutsu kuti anytime ndobaya and ndosiya ndakunyudza. TSVAGA WAKO CHAIYE AND OPEN YOURSELF TO A NON SCHEMING RELATIONSHIP. #FindTrueLove #Love #hate #Relationships #Revenge #Fakefriends #life


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