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28 Nov, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Stunner Posts Message Iri Tricky & Kunani Olinda Or Dyonne

Stunner aka Dziva just posted a message that's tricky and we are not sure if it was directed towards his x Olinda chapel or to his wife Dyonne.

he posted this 

"Most of you women are very funny in a sad way. You talk of wanting a real men, how u want men to behave , how he should have only eyes for only you and so forth but you are never proud to show off your man kuti iye aite zenze kana nyadzi dzekuisa malike pama pic evakadzi vevamwe. LOVE YOUR HUSBANDS SO THEY CAN STAY AWAY FRO OTHER MEN'S WIVES. Us men love to be posted and we need you to show us off , that is the language we understand from bhawa to bhawa. UKANDIITIRA CHIBHODHORO NHASI  MANGWANA NDINI. Ukandihwandisa because u r ashamed of my ugliness , trust me uchawana ndichikweshwa musana muka dish kemarata kusango uko just to feel loved. MEN ARE NOT TRUSH WE ARE IN FACT DOGS WE STAY WERE WE ARE FED AND LOVED (when u say jump we jump , fetch we fetch coz we recognise the master who loves us) . Wake up and love your husbands Xmas is near."


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