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20 Oct, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Stunner Powerful Advice To Mbinga Dont Call Every Mupfana BecauseYou Have Money

Zimbabwe's legend of Hip Hop Stunner Da Des posted on his Instagram a video in which he gave some powerful advice to Mbinga aka mhene aka mbada. Stunners message was about respect and treating everyone the same. Stunner told mhene that even thought you have money dont call everyone you meet mupfana because you ahve more money. How can you call another grown man or a father mupfana. Watch the video below from Stunner.


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Bitter Zimbabwean Hip Hop rivals finally had a platform to hash out their differences in the public via a rap battle. The event which was hosted at club Sankayi on the 31st of August featured a raving crowd which was all ears to the insults which were thrown across the stage from one end to the other.

 Face of Clash of Egos” as the rap battle was titled, did not fall short of its name. Much to our surprise Mudiwa managed to spit a few bars of fire such as Handitengese mota as ndinofamba nekey/bundle, handinga kuomesero wangu … ndiburitsiro key 1 hayo!
Isu tiri humble like that, hatina mari yatino gadzira mumhepo

 With Stunner of course winning the rap battle as the better lyricist, Mudiwa was still a bit sore after the event came to an end and took his misguided anger to rant on twitter.
All though rap battles have no topics that are off limits, fans weren’t too pleased with Mudiwa’s attempt at trying to gain redemption by pointing out their class differences.

An audience member called Munya had the following remark to say
RIVAL local musicians, Stunner and Mudiwa Hood feud has sparked a hashtag MudiwaHoodChallenge which has gone viral on social media platforms.
This comes after gospel artist, Mudiwa paid tribute to late NBA star, Kobe Bryant adding a caption in which he claimed the basketball legend was his look alike.
“Would have loved to have met you in person champ, grew up being told we look alike RIP king …you left a huge mark on this earth,” he wrote.
In response, rapper, Stunner real name Desmond Chideme ridiculed him.
This created a trend where internet users photo shop picture collages with celebrities they think they look like.

‘ Mudiwa is childish and stupid, imagine if Usein Bolt challenges Lionel Messi to a game of OneOnOne soccer, Messi obviously wins because he is the better soccer player and Usein Bolt starts bragging about his Gold Medals, it’s 2 different worlds meaning the achievements are also different, Mudiwa yes anemari yaanoti anayo but zvapinda papi, Hip hop is all about bragging, how many artists rap about guns but chero rekeni zvayo haana, Stunner won whether anofamba netsoka or bhasikoro, this is entertaining don’t get too personal my guy especially kana usina talent


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