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04 May, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Stunner Shows Love & Respect To His Friend Mudiwa Hood

Stunner & Mudiwa Hood have had their battles over the years and the two have never made their fights personal. The beef has always been about pushing themselves to be a better musicians and challenge themselves. If you are a fan of Mudiwa Hood or Stunner you will notice that these two are actually good friends. Each time one of them is down the other will reach out to lift the other one up.

Stunner just reached out to Mudiwa Hood showing love and support about the negative comments Mudiwa gets on social media. Stunner Posted the following.

"stunnerzim I see a lot of hate and negative posts kune this guy and I feel I'm partly to blame but we have to learn and know boundaries. He is a hard worker , talkative yes but that's him. For the sole reason that if he was to pass today, we would all mourn and cry zvisina akambonzwa that means we love him. #vVvtt @mudiwahood"


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